Relationship Coaching covers all types of relationships from couples to work groups and organisations.  Relationship coaching differs from relationship counseling as it takes a positive approach to problem solving and helps to rediscover the spark and rebuild.  Working with me will help you to see where things have come off track and how you can quickly and easily move forward with a loving and understanding way.

1Although relationship coaching is a new addition to my work, I am very passionate about it and excited to work with couples and groups as much as possible.

Coaching can be undertaken together or separately depending on the requirements of the couple or group.

When couples come to me for coaching it can be for a number of reasons from arguments, difference of opinion, becoming incompatible or annoyances.  All of which can be addressed and explored in our sessions.  Most relationship issues are resolved in a few sessions with some additional support between.

To find out more about relationship coaching with me, please get in touch on 07740342731 or by contacting me through my contact form.