Laughter really is the best medicine and can actually change your life!

:-) making laughing infectious – everywhere! :-)

I bet you love seeing a child laughing for absolutely no reason.  That care-free laugh and giggle that seems to make the world feel like such a wonderful place.

It is true that as we get to adulthood we no longer laugh in the way in which we did when we were younger.  It is not that we don’t want to but more that we have been conditioned (by social perceptions) that we should act in a certain way which is why we tend to only laugh between 10-15 times a day in comparison to the 400-500 times per day that children do.

That is not to say that we can’t!

Laughing more has  HUGE benefit on the physical and mental well-being of adults and children alike and this is why Laughter Yoga is such a great way to reap the benefits of laughter whilst also gaining exercise and social connection with the people around you.

Sarah Irving leading Laughter Yoga at Derby and Joan in Willaston, Wirral UK

I not only wholeheartedly believe that laughter should be considered an imperative part of life, but I also believe that every adult should play more often.  I am a huge advocate for breaking free of the stereotyped shackles that we all grow up to feel trapped by and to allow everyone to shake off their inhibitions and be free to explore the word around them in a creative way to free the mind for positive action.

My laughter yoga and play sessions are designed specifically for you and your group to allow you to make the most of it and to leave with not only that warm, happy feeling, but techniques that you can replicate in your life and tools to keep you laughing for years ahead. I work with absolutely everyone and my mission is to make laughter infectious – everywhere!

I have a toolbox of sessions that can be adapted specifically for your group and am more than happy to personally design something that fits your specific needs, all you have to do is ask.

Laughter and play work hand in hand with may of my coaching practices allowing you to find ways to overcome boundaries and beliefs that are holding you back and to bring you into a space where you can see great around and in front of you.

I strive to bring joy and cheer into everything that I do – without exception!





Why laughter yoga is for you:

Elevates mood – releasing endorphins making you feel good from the inside

Enhances creativity – using fun and play to open the creative process in your life

Social connector – builds a sharing relationship with those around you

Lightens challenges – builds joy into our life enabling you to deal with challenges more easily

Emotional well-being – helps you to balance your emotions, decreasing negative emotions

Adds more laughter and joy to life – you will feel the cheer in your life from regular laughing


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Feedback from a laughter yoga session with a group of older people at a Darby and Joan Group:







If you would like to find out more and have a chat about how I might be able to bring joy, laughter and playful creativity to your group or organisation, please send me a message or give me a call on 07740342731 or SKYPE at grinning.blonde

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