Each year companies spend thousands upon thousands of pound on leadership, stress management, resilience and other workplace training only to find that they need to be repeated regularly for not working or not making the difference expected.


The reason that this is the case is because overstretched individuals really do not need something else to implement in their day or something to think about or learn.  Essentially the courses and training provide an extra degree of stress for the participant as they are then expected to put the information into practice in their already time pressed work day.

And this is where my approach comes in.  It is not your average training course or workshop.  There is no homework or practice involved and it makes bigger and more impactful change in both the lives of the attendee as well as the aims and agenda of the company. It is also a fantastic way to help support individuals on reduced hours, long-term sick leave and reduce the cost involved with this.

Team members that feel secure in themselves will be a lot more productive, responsive and have a better standard of mental health and resilience than those who are left to ruminate over problems and issues.  My executive coaching supports people to discover what is going in inside them that makes work seem challenging, hard or stressful and then allows them to see past it.

To discover more about my approach to executive coaching, I am more than happy to speak with you and give you the experience of a clear and uncluttered mind.

I am available for Executive Coaching in Manchester and throughout the UK and Europe at present.

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