I have been heavily into productivity ever since my multi-tasking, overstretched, Office Manager days and just this week, while re-exploring the Pomodoro Technique it got me thinking, what can you do in 25 minutes?

What can you do in 25 minutes

What I have discovered is that you can actually do WAY more in 25 minutes than you would think! Take today for example.  I have been meaning to show myself some self-care but it has been falling to the wayside much more than I would have liked meaning that have been starting to feel a bit run down and dowdy. So, rather than starting work at 9am like I normally do, decided to see what kind of pamper session I could give myself with the Pomodoro clock ticking away.

To say I am surprised is an understatement!  I won’t go into details of my self-care session (potentially TMI!) but I will say that even in just 25 minutes I got a lot done, feel refreshed and relaxed and it didn’t feel rushed at all.  The only thing I need to do now is to paint my toenails and the whole transformation is complete. 😉

And, over the past week I have noticed how focusing on one thing for 25 minutes really does get results.  I have been able to create blog post after blog post, schedule stuff for this and next week and get my Ukulele and Hindi practice in too – not only that, I have had more time to just relax and play with the cats too.  To me, that is a RESULT if I was ever looking for one.

The process also helps prevent procrastination too.

So here is my list so far of what you can get done in 25 minutes:

  • Write a mid-sized blog post, source pictures, check and publish
  • Create a week’s worth of motivational quote images and schedule them (two per day)
  • Hoover the house
  • Have a pamper session
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Get my inbox back to zero
  • Change the bed (with six cats playing with the bedding) and get it into the wash
  • Design a poster
  • Do the weekly meal plan

I am sure that I’l be updating this when I have found more things, but the  fact is that when we complain about not having enough time, we are actually wasting the time in which we could be doing something.  25 minutes may not seem like a lot, but when you put your focus into something, you really can get more done than you would even imagine.

*Right now, I have just come to the last 9 second of my 25 minutes and I’m done! Yay!

Now your turn!

Give  a go and let me know in the comments what can YOU do in 25 minutes?

Off to have my 5 minute break before my next 25 minute action session!


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