Rather than waiting for the perfect time to get some more videos onto the blog (and YouTube of course) I have decided to just start getting it done.  Especially as I am taking a challenge myself with the 30 day blogging challenge over on Facebook.

So today, I am sharing a video to let you know that there is never going to be the perfect time to start or do something, you just need to get on with it, learn from your mistakes, highs and lows and go for it.

Today I challenge you to take one small step away from waiting for the perfect moment by doing one thing that will take you closer to where you want to be e.g. take a look at prices of holidays, do a video to introduce yourself, visit the library and borrow a book on the language you’d love to learn or speak to the person you fancy in the shop!

Whatever it is, remember that nobody is perfect and making small steps to move forward is the best you can do!

Share your steps in the comments below so we can celebrate together!

Stop waiting for the perfect time …you can do this!

Love from the crazy haired, cat scratched lady of imperfection!

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