Today, being Valentine’s day, I thought I would share a video to help you do some Valentines self love and be who you really are!

In the video, I share some insights into why self love is great and some actions for you to take today to start exercising those self love muscles!

Happy Self-Love Valentine’s Day!

Actions for the day:

1. Realise that YOU are amazing! That you are quirky, fun, different and really individual – and that it really is GREAT to be that way!

2. Show yourself some self-love! Put on your favourite feel good clothes, your best outfit anything that makes you feel a million dollars and go out to show it off! Strut your stuff! Let your confidence shine through!

3. Treat yourself – grab a coffee, buy a new great tune or just do something that makes you feel lovely, great and happy! Remember what makes you happy is what makes you happy!

4. Write down all the things that are great about being YOU! All the quirky things, the different things, the weird stuff, the strengths, the power and the interesting bits! Really take it on board, read it out to yourself or turn it into pictures, do something fun and spend some time with your greatness!

Pop your greatness in the comments below or perhaps make a video sharing who you really are and pop the link below

You ARE AMAZING!! <3 <3

With great weirdness and love,


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