Thoughts are like seedlings if you feed them they grow if you leave them they die

Hello dearest friends,

I hope you are all well and if you have been getting some sunshine, you have been able to enjoy it!  I am recovering from the sad news that I had and have been occupying myself by filling my mind with beautiful thoughts and taking some time to plant some seeds and do a bit of therapeutic gardening.  I absolutely love gardening, partly because I am an eco bum 😉 and partially because of the freedom it gives me to think or enjoy being quiet…or in fact, to talk to myself! Yes, I talk to myself!

While I was watering my herb seedlings I realised just how similar they are to thoughts.  If I water and feed my seedlings, they will grow to be strong and big and abundant and beautiful.  If I don’t water and feed them, they will be weak and stunted and eventually shrive up and die.  The same goes for thoughts and dreams. If we spend time nurturing our dreams and positive thoughts we will be able to help them to grow and become a great reality, which will help us to lead a happy life.

However, we do need to be careful which thoughts we feed!  You wouldn’t work out which feed would help all the nettles and weeds to grow strong and take over your garden, eventually killing all the beautiful plants you have… would you? So if you choose wisely and feed the beautiful plants you will have a gorgeous garden with few weeds – a happy garden!

As with gardening, it can take time to grow the positive thoughts and dreams, but with gentle care and attention and daily work you can make your life (and garden) strong, and abundant with beauty and joy!

Which thoughts will you be feeding? :-)

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