Take a Moment to congratulate yourself

We all know how life takes over sometimes, we seem to be constantly busy; to-do lists as long as your arm (at work and at home), people to see, things to do, paperwork to complete, emails to read, all that jazz.

And when we get through it, do we get a fanfare?  A marching band? Even a high five?

Usually not.

It is this lack of appreciation that can often make us feel under appreciated, even taken for granted. All we crave is the recognition that we have done a great job or that we are doing well. Someone to notice our hard work and say ‘Hey! You’re doing great!’

More often than not, everyone is in the same boat, so finding the time to appreciate another can become just another thing on the to-do list.  So why not take things into your own hands? I have!

Rather than waiting for someone to congratulate you on your achievements, take time out to congratulate yourself.  Take a moment away from the hustle and bustle of life and reflect on what you do, what you have achieved, what has made you feel good, proud and even excited by your development. It can be as small as making a great cup of tea or not having that extra biscuit at break time and then go as high as you can dream!

By noticing the things that you achieve and make you feel good, you will begin to develop greater self-confidence and will be able to draw on these strengths when you’re feeling low of have that ‘I can’t do this’ feeling going on inside you. It creates a kind of good mood bank that you can create interest on and withdraw some of the feeling when you need it – don’t worry, this account will never run dry so long as you continue to take time to appreciate and congratulate yourself.

Try it today, get out from the office or wherever you usually spend most of your time and take a moment to think and remember just how great you are and how much you achieve. You achieve amazing things every single day (and you may not even notice them as you do them) so be mindful about what you are doing so that you can readily deposit them into the bank of ‘Feel Good’ ready for a rainy day or for when you need to reflect during a coaching session.

Go give yourself the high five you deserve! You amazing person, you!

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