STOP! You’re running yourself into the ground! Do some work on you for a change!

STOP! You’re running yourself into the ground! Do some work on you for a change!

Stop! You’re running yourself into the ground! Many of you will be outward focused (like me!) meaning that you spend a lot of your time and energy looking after, caring for and loving others.  It is a wonderful feeling to be able to give but what happens when your internal supplies start to dwindle and you become tired and suddenly realise that you have let yourself go? This is where you have to step out of life for a moment

Don’t like the life you have? Then change it!

Have you been wondering what you are doing with your life? Comparing yourself to others and thinking that there must be more out there, something more satisfying, rewarding and just downright enjoyable? You are not alone!  IT wasn’t long ago that I was feeling exactly like that. Yes I loved the organisation that was working for, but the joy of my job had dropped and I was just plodding away each day waiting to find another job that would make

What are you worrying about? What will you do right now to set yourself free?

What are you worrying about? What will you do right now to set yourself free?

It is a fact that everyone will worry at some time in their life. Worry over money, work, family, pets, your car’s MOT!  There are so many things that can make you worry and the effects are usually disastrous causing you sleepless nights which inevitable make you worry even more. It doesn’t have to be this way! Worry comes from over thinking something and not taking action on it. If you continue to think about something (you know how it

How to Deal with an Inevitable Fall on Your Journey

Everyone stumbles and falls at some point in time – even the best athletes and famous stars. When you fall you don’t give up walking because you failed, an athlete won’t give up their sport and a famous star (think Naomi Campbell in the giant platforms) won’t throw in the towel, despite all the publicity, jibes and comments. So why is it that you so often find yourself giving up on something that you want when you encounter a hurdle

Destination: New Life

Yes, I know it is not New Year’s Day, but so what? There is no better time to make a change in your life than the day that you decide that something needs to be done – Thursday, Friday, your Mum’s Birthday… any day! No doubt you will have noticed that the wonderful New Year’s Resolutions that you create at the beginning of each year crumble into oblivion by say the beginning of February and you don’t seem to have

There is no time like NOW

You will all have heard the phrase there is ‘no time like the present’ and no doubt understand that it means that ‘now is the time to get something done’.  Then why do we put things off until tomorrow? You know the way it goes, “I’ll start my diet tomorrow”, “I’ll send the application tomorrow”, “I’ll call her tomorrow” inevitably with tomorrow coming and the same excuses coming to the front meaning that you never actually get round to doing

My Digital Detox

Hello wonderful friends, I wonder whether you may have noticed that I have been absent from my blog for a while and that the Facebook page and Twitter feed have been stagnant and static?  Well, there is a perfectly good reason for it and that reason is that I went on a Digital Detox! Digital Detox, you might be saying… and yes, that is exactly what I mean. In simple terms, I took time away from the digital world (Facebook,

Thoughts are like seedlings

Hello dearest friends, I hope you are all well and if you have been getting some sunshine, you have been able to enjoy it!  I am recovering from the sad news that I had and have been occupying myself by filling my mind with beautiful thoughts and taking some time to plant some seeds and do a bit of therapeutic gardening.  I absolutely love gardening, partly because I am an eco bum 😉 and partially because of the freedom it

Don’t let information overload drain your internal batteries

Hello dear friends, the weekend is almost upon us! Having time to ourselves has become somewhat of a luxury because of the technological age and the need for everyone to communicate constantly – be it work, friends on social networks (which can be worse than work as we now have friends internationally in so many time zones!), news reports and information overload that we are so relieved to find a quiet moment in our busy lives. I don’t know if

Step out of your Comfort Zone – Turn your ‘No Way’ into ‘Wahey!’

Hello lovelies! Yesterday, I stretched my comfort zone and have really embraced it – I love playing outside of my comfort zone because you can find so many things that you enjoy and things that you may not have tried before. My step yesterday was small step, but it still made me feel amazing and now I have discovered…leggings! Ha! I know it sounds like a very trivial thing, but I haven’t worn leggings since the 80s and have always