How to Deal with an Inevitable Fall on Your Journey

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You don't give up walking when you fall so don't give up dreaming when you stumble - Your Happy Life

Everyone stumbles and falls at some point in time – even the best athletes and famous stars.

When you fall you don’t give up walking because you failed, an athlete won’t give up their sport and a famous star (think Naomi Campbell in the giant platforms) won’t throw in the towel, despite all the publicity, jibes and comments.

So why is it that you so often find yourself giving up on something that you want when you encounter a hurdle or take a stumble on the way?


You don’t suppose the athlete got to gold standard by wishing for something or by pure chance by being an excellent sprinter from birth, do you?  That star was picked from all the babies born because the agent knew from that moment that they would be brilliant?

Of course not!

It took a lot of commitment to follow their dreams.  To overcome the barriers, stumbles, falls and comments to get to where they really wanted to be. Not only that, when they came off track they reassessed and learnt from the experience to inform them on how they can change things the next time.

What will help you to get that commitment that means that you can brush yourself off after a fall and take the next steps in your journey?

Firstly, you need to know what success looks, feels, smells and even sounds like to you.  What is your dream and how does it feel to be there?  Imagine that you are already there and you have overcome all the falls, set-back and hurdles that you encountered and successfully defeated.  Where are you?  What did you learn?

By getting a clear idea of the end goal, you have something that you can commit to.  You know how it feels to be there and how great it feels to have overcome everything that was thrown at you to try to stop you achieving it.  You are now fully committed to get there – to prove to everyone (including yourself) that you have the power to make change and to get there no matter what. Only you know the meaning of succeeding in reaching your goal, so only you know when you have achieved it!

Remember that if you don’t succeed one way, you can always try another approach that might work.  And again, if that doesn’t work try something else.  Perseverance is a key to getting to where you want to be.  Think of a long journey where you have ended up in a huge tailback on the motorway.  If you had given up at that time you would have both lost your car and not been able to get to your destination to enjoy a wonderful holiday with your loved ones.  The same goes for your goals and dreams. Don’t give up, even if it does take a bit longer than you had anticipated.

The most important thing is to enjoy the journey and to learn along the way.  There is always something to learn from a stumble, like not to drag your feet or to pay more attention to where you are going which relate directly to the mental and physical changes that you will encounter.  Be aware of where you are going and where you have been, learning is an ongoing process and without error, you will never learn.

Keeping optimistic will also keep you in the flow and help you to look at falls in a positive light.  Seeing things from a different perspective (i.e. the floor) can bring exciting new ideas and directions into your world!

Destination: New Life

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Today is the first day of your new life, don't let time get in the way of you getting what you really want.

Yes, I know it is not New Year’s Day, but so what?

There is no better time to make a change in your life than the day that you decide that something needs to be done – Thursday, Friday, your Mum’s Birthday… any day!

No doubt you will have noticed that the wonderful New Year’s Resolutions that you create at the beginning of each year crumble into oblivion by say the beginning of February and you don’t seem to have made a single step towards the self-improvement that you so desired at the end of the previous year.  This is a well-known phenomenon so you are not alone.

The reason that this happens is that you are not really invested in the changes that you want to make, they are wishy-washy and not really planned in any way at all.  Saying ‘I want to lose 10 pounds and fit into a size 10’ means absolutely nothing …when you look at it in the grand scheme of things.

How are you actually planning on doing this?  Eating nothing but salad?  Of course not!  Firstly that would be absolutely boring and you would also very quickly realise that you had no energy and that you actually weren’t losing weight.  But here’s the ‘but’. Many people actually start the year doing just that.  Trying to live something that is totally unrealistic and that will make them feel yuck and like a failure then they can’t seem to see any change.

What needs to happen is to decide what you want and make sure that you really want it (it can’t be something someone else wants as that will fail just as quickly!) and begin to plan how you are going to get it.  Let’s take the example from above.

Why do you really want to lose 10 pounds?  Is it because you think that it will attract more prospective partners into your life?  That your present partner will like you more? Or is it actually for you? To make you feel sexier in yourself and to give you more energy and a personal boost?  Thinking about it this way helps you to make sure that it is something for you and not for someone else.  Yes, some of the other things might come along following the work with yourself, but you need to do it for yourself first.  Working for others will not help you keep the motivation that you need to succeed.

Now that you know that it is for you, when are you going to start making the changes that you need to and what are the changes that need to be made?  This is personal to everyone making a difference in their lives, so don’t think that there is a prescribed way out there – you need to play, be creative and to focus on how you work.

For example, you might find that you eat snacks during the day and this could be something that you feel you could cut out as a beginning point.  OR you might find that your portion sizes are a bit bog or that you need to take some more regular exercise.  Whatever it is, make it personal.

As I mentioned yesterday, reflection is a powerful tool to see how far you have come on a journey.  It is also great for you to see what has and hasn’t worked for you in the past to help you to design the direction that you will take on this journey.  Write everything down so you can easily see and work with the information.

Now that you are creating a plan you will be able to start to see the journey take shape.  It is like planning your holiday in Wales and deciding on the directions that will get you there.

When are you going to leave on this journey?  There is no better time than NOW. You have your map, you have your directions and you are packed and ready to go.

Any time is great to start a journey, but NOW is even better!

There is no time like NOW

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There is no time like the present

You will all have heard the phrase there is ‘no time like the present’ and no doubt understand that it means that ‘now is the time to get something done’.  Then why do we put things off until tomorrow?

You know the way it goes, “I’ll start my diet tomorrow”, “I’ll send the application tomorrow”, “I’ll call her tomorrow” inevitably with tomorrow coming and the same excuses coming to the front meaning that you never actually get round to doing what you said that you would.

Why does this happen?  Especially when we think that we really do want to lost that weight, get that job or keep in touch with that friend?  Well, it is because we haven’t really committed to the idea, thought about how we are going to achieve it and how we will go about achieving it.  Of course, the idea that to lose weight means torturous months of avoiding the foods that you love while being on an evil diet. No wonder you put it off until tomorrow …and tomorrow …and tomorrow.  Who in their right mind would want to do anything that was going to be grueling and horrible?

To really commit to doing something you need to begin at the end and to illustrate this we will use the diet example.

Think about the end result and why you actually want it? Is it because you want to lose a few inches around your waist to fit into a size smaller?  Do you want to lose weight and get fitter?  Are you wanting to lose weight for a special occasion e.g.a wedding?  Whatever your reason, write it down on a piece of paper.  Say it out loud but using the present tense for example “I am 1 stone lighter than two months ago and I feel healthier and full of energy”

Putting it into the present tense really helps you to feel, smell and visualise your final goal.  Keep repeating it for a few minutes and alter it until it feels exactly as you want it to be.  Build that feeling as big and as bright as you can.  Visualise seeing yourself in the mirror smiling at yourself now that you have reached your goal make it more and more vivid and repeat your goal. Do you feel absolutely AMAZING when you say it and see it?  If so, you can move on to the next part of the exercise.

You need to set some journey goals for yourself.  Journey goals are bite sized pieces that will be more easily achieved, but will take you towards your big final goal of ‘being a stone lighter than two months ago and feeling healthier and full of energy”

How will you go about achieving this goal?  Think about the small realistic steps that you can take to bring you closer to your goal e.g. start walking to work rather than taking the bus, take a walk at lunchtime rather than sitting at your desk with a couple of biscuits etc.  They need to be things that you can take action on NOW.  Set yourself a timescale for taking action on each of the journey goals (again using the present tense) e.g.

I have researched healthy eating plans and recipe ideas and ave saved them to an online scrap book to help me create my meal plans 10 June 2014

I have set up a training regime and meal plan 14 June 2014

I am drinking at least three pints of water every day 30 June 2014

I am taking my own balanced healthy lunch to work everyday 30 June 2014

I am walking for 3 miles every day 30 June 2014

You will see that the journey goals begin with something that you can do within the next 24-48 hours that will give you the boost to keep motivated.  Each of the goals are also very specific giving a number and a deadline so that you are agreeing to take action to make a difference. Once you have set out your goals set time to meet the deadlines and to start moving towards your goal.  If you don’t complete the journey goals, you won’t achieve your big goal.

As a reminder you might want to write your big goal onto sticky notes and place them around your home as a reminder as to why you are making these changes. You could also put little reminders in your phone calendar to pop up regularly to remind you to go for your lunchtime walk or to find some new healthy recipes.  Make it as fun as you can and make sure that you remind yourself of the feelings you got when you visualised and repeated your final goal.

Now it is up to you to keep to your journey goals and to be honest with yourself along the journey. You can make the changes and reach your goals, you just have to truly believe in yourself!

If you would like any additional support for achieving your goals you might wish to consult a lifestyle coach (such as myself) to receive additional support and motivation. With coaching you can reach your goals much quicker than if you go for it alone and the best place to invest is in yourself.

So make that change NOW and get on the right path to journey to a super-duper you!

My Digital Detox

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Your Happy Life Digital Detox

Hello wonderful friends,

I wonder whether you may have noticed that I have been absent from my blog for a while and that the Facebook page and Twitter feed have been stagnant and static?  Well, there is a perfectly good reason for it and that reason is that I went on a Digital Detox!

Digital Detox, you might be saying… and yes, that is exactly what I mean. In simple terms, I took time away from the digital world (Facebook, this blog, Facebook, emails, websites, apps, blogs and everything else that causes a sense of digital overload!) to relax my mind and body and to reconnect with what actually matters… real life!

I had planned to take my lovely boyfriend on a surprise camping trip for his birthday last week and decided that it would be the perfect time to take a digital detox to leave the busy information world behind and to spend time just being. …We did take our phones with us, so it wasn’t TOTALLY digital free, but it does make life easier if you have e-books and digital maps when you only have a small car and lots of equipment to take. (not cheating, I promise!)

On a daily basis we will spend much of our time checking email, refreshing the inbox, visiting Facebook and Twitter just in case something new has happened, playing games on our phones, responding to What’s App and Viber messages, and searching the internet to feed our never-ending need for information.  This can obviously have its benefits, but it can also be detrimental to our lives and in fact our health.  We spend so much time looking down at our little machines that we miss what is going on around us, the people who are sitting next to us and the sights, sounds and smells that make this world such a rich place to live.

This is exactly why I chose to detox.  I live my life in a very mindful manner, but also get sucked into procrastinating and browsing through Facebook, Twitter, blogs etc and have found that time can slip away in an instant… and this is in no way good!

We all have a limited time on this planet so we would spend that time living and not just lurking online living vicariously or developing damaging feelings such as jealousy and envy or feelings of inferiority.

Stepping away from the draw of the digital world can be a shock at first (like that panic when you realise that your internet is down and the first thing you want to do is search the internet to find out whether it is the network!) but I promise that you will fall into a good habit in no time at all. Remember, we all had a time when we didn’t have all these digital devices to hand at all times – that simple time when a watch was about the most technical thing you had to hand.

So, the digital detox.  What did I do?  I used my phone for maps, walks and reading e-books, and kept away from social media, emails and messages and didn’t browse the internet. Yes, it certainly did help with having terribly poor signal in the countryside which proved to act as a reminder that I should stay away from the tech. I took photos and didn’t immediately send them to Instagram/Facebook/Twitter.  The experience of our holiday was just that, ours!

I took myself back to how it used to be.  When you would take photos and people friends and family would get to see them after you had finished the film and had it developed – not while it happened.

By taking time out from the digital and social media world, you take the time to enjoy the present, to live life without having to think about what your friends are doing, whether what you are doing is approved and ‘liked’ and whether you have the right hash tags to get the reach that you want.  You can take the time to chat to your loved ones, meet new people and chat to them too and to take in your surroundings.

My experience had a compound effect on me. Today is the first time that I have been able to access social media and I am purposefully limiting my access.  I seem to have lost the interest that I had in browsing and reading and liking and re-tweeting.  Having taken such a break from it, I have found that there is so much more to life than the internet and digital media.  During my time away I was able to do things that I always thought I didn’t have time for; reading books, chatting to my boyfriend, sitting quietly doing absolutely nothing and so many other things.  Removing social media and digital-ness has given me back the time that I had lost.

Today is the first day of my slimmer digital life and I will work how to best use that world to integrate into my life and not work my life around it!

Here are … steps for starting and retaining your very own digital detox:

1. Choose a time to take the detox – a holiday can be a great time as you will have other things to keep you occupied.

2. Decide to turn your phone off when not necessary e.g. when you are not using it for maps or for reading e-books (or put it on ‘do not disturb’ if you have an iPhone)

3. It is up to you whether you let anyone know that you are doing the detox, but I would suggest that you don’t announce it on your social media as it will inevitably get comments which will act as a draw to pull you back in, tweaking your curiosity.

5. Find things that you have always thought you didn’t have time for and fill the time doing them (this will very soon prove to you how little you need social media!)

6. Enjoy your own pictures, look at them in the evening and share them with the real life people around you (resist sending them out into the interweb!)

7. Chat to everyone!  Make eye contact with the people around you and get chatting – nt only will you brighten your day, but you will brighten theirs too!

8. Remember why you are doing the detox!

Give it a go! You will be surprised how much more you can get done, your productivity will be better, you will feel more freedom and you will make new friends (ok, you can add them on Facebook later!)

Remember, lurking around the internet doesn’t really make you happy.  Doing what you want to do and enjoying your own world does!

Stop lurking and start living!

Go live Your Happy Life! :-)

Thoughts are like seedlings

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Thoughts are like seedlings if you feed them they grow if you leave them they die

Hello dearest friends,

I hope you are all well and if you have been getting some sunshine, you have been able to enjoy it!  I am recovering from the sad news that I had and have been occupying myself by filling my mind with beautiful thoughts and taking some time to plant some seeds and do a bit of therapeutic gardening.  I absolutely love gardening, partly because I am an eco bum ;-) and partially because of the freedom it gives me to think or enjoy being quiet…or in fact, to talk to myself! Yes, I talk to myself!

While I was watering my herb seedlings I realised just how similar they are to thoughts.  If I water and feed my seedlings, they will grow to be strong and big and abundant and beautiful.  If I don’t water and feed them, they will be weak and stunted and eventually shrive up and die.  The same goes for thoughts and dreams. If we spend time nurturing our dreams and positive thoughts we will be able to help them to grow and become a great reality, which will help us to lead a happy life.

However, we do need to be careful which thoughts we feed!  You wouldn’t work out which feed would help all the nettles and weeds to grow strong and take over your garden, eventually killing all the beautiful plants you have… would you? So if you choose wisely and feed the beautiful plants you will have a gorgeous garden with few weeds – a happy garden!

As with gardening, it can take time to grow the positive thoughts and dreams, but with gentle care and attention and daily work you can make your life (and garden) strong, and abundant with beauty and joy!

Which thoughts will you be feeding? :-)

Don’t let information overload drain your internal batteries

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Have you got information overload?

Hello dear friends, the weekend is almost upon us!

Having time to ourselves has become somewhat of a luxury because of the technological age and the need for everyone to communicate constantly – be it work, friends on social networks (which can be worse than work as we now have friends internationally in so many time zones!), news reports and information overload that we are so relieved to find a quiet moment in our busy lives.

I don’t know if you remember when weekends really were a time for rest and recuperation, when the shops were shut on Sunday and the only social media was had was meeting with friends and family or watching a bit of 4 channel TV?  Those days are well over and now we often find it difficult to know what to do with ourselves with so much information available lurking around us, when we should be cutting off to recharge our mental and physical batteries.

Although I have been very disciplined in not taking technology or information into my sacred relaxation place of the bedroom, I have been known to check my emails, social media and RSS feeds straight after feeding the cats and fish and making a brew. Then throughout the day, work emails come in,things might be happening on Facebook and Twitter and ooh, there might be some new cartoons on my favourite blog… means I am checking my phone, iPad or laptop regularly throughout the day.  And these interruptions don’t include the phone calls from clients,What’s App/SMS/MMS/Voxer/Viber etc messages from friends pinging all over the place!

For me personally, it all became too much and I had to do something to find some sacred space for myself at which point I came to the certain decision that Friday was going to be ‘My-day’. A day where I can do whatever it is that makes me happy, feel free and wonderful and a day where I shut off from the technological wold and breath in the fresh air of the countryside with my borrow dog (my main fun thing to do on My-day).

By taking the time to give myself permission to be absent from online activities and to have a day away from work, I have been able to recharge my internal batteries, clear my mind of clutter and impressively come up with ideas that I never thought I could have created.

I advise you to take the same action in your life! It doesn’t have to be a Friday, you can choose any day that you can commit to being your My-day.  In fact, it can be half a day or a few hours if time is scarce, but do give yourself as much time as you possibly can.

Let the people around you know when My-day is, so that they don’t worry that you don’t answer your phone or that you’re not there for the online gaming session or whatever it may be.  Then you can be sure that over time, people will respect your My-day time and leave you in peace.

Once you have this time in place, you can start on the fun part of deciding on what it is that you will do to fill your technology and interruption free time with that fills you with joy and wonderment!

It really is the best way to recharge!  Let me know what you get up to and how you get one!  I am always open for other ideas and suggestions to make my My-day even better than ever!

PS: and if you are thinking…why is Sarah posting this if it is My-day? Well, I wrote it last night and scheduled it to post today!  While you read this, I am probably running about a park with my borrow doggy, Belle! :-)

Step out of your Comfort Zone – Turn your ‘No Way’ into ‘Wahey!’

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Step out of your comfort zone and try something new today

Hello lovelies!

Yesterday, I stretched my comfort zone and have really embraced it – I love playing outside of my comfort zone because you can find so many things that you enjoy and things that you may not have tried before.

My step yesterday was small step, but it still made me feel amazing and now I have discovered…leggings! Ha! I know it sounds like a very trivial thing, but I haven’t worn leggings since the 80s and have always thought that they should have stayed there ;-)  So after spending some time with a legging wearing friend of the same age, I though, what the heck! I bought some yesterday and was super excited to try them on and show my boyfriend when I got home.

I was amazingly surprised at how lovely they felt and that I didn’t look like a total fool in them!  Plus, you know what? I wore them all evening, am planning on wearing them today and am considering my next pair!  From what started out as a ‘no way’ turned into a ‘wahey!’

By trying new things and stretching yourself, you boost your self-confidence which is in no way a bad thing! Plus, you never quite know what you may discover out there!

Here I am enjoying my leggings! ;-)

Goodbye Comfort Zone

It goes to show that even simple things outside of your comfort can create great feelings and give you a boost of endorphins which will spur you on to try more new things!

Give it a go! Anything that pushes you away from the ordinary or you know is something you have always thought you couldn’t do.

Here are a couple of simple things you could try today!

1. Go to the cinema alone

2. Eat in a cafe or restaurant alone

3. Strike a conversation with a stranger

4. Try wearing leggings ;-) (or some other piece of clothing you thought you would never wear!)

5. Sit somewhere different when you eat your meals

6. Switch around your morning routine

7. Read a book instead of watching TV

8. Try a food that you have never tasted before

9. Ask for help with a task you need to do

10. Take a different route on your way to work or the shops

Or anything that you think would stretch you outside of your comfort zone.  Each time you do it you will notice how amazing it feels to have given it a try and you never know, you might be joining me in a love for leggings!

Enjoy the adventure and journey my dear friends! :-)

How to Bust those Blues

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Hello wonderous friends!

It is no secret that we all get a bout of the blues form time to time and these times can sometimes come out from seemingly nowhere.  Whether it is because your mind is having a big internal chatter about something, we are feeling under the weather or we have suddenly remembered something that makes us feel down, there are ways to overcome them with little effort but big effect.

I remember a few weeks ago, I began to feel rather blue and it was a strange feeling as I had not felt like that for a long time. I felt a sudden urge to do nothing, to stay home and to cry.  It was similar to the feeling that I had felt when I was in the midst of my anxiety and depression.  I felt restless, yet not wanting to do anything particular.  It just seemed to be absorbing my every being and was pressing on me, forcing me lower and lower.  I had no idea what was happening to create these feelings.

There had to be something causing this weight on me and I was determined to discover it and set about taking time to speak with myself.  I asked myself what was going on in my head, was there something that was weighing me down? I reflected on what I had been doing, what was coming up in my life and where I was in that exact moment, physically and on the journey of my life.

This time that I took for reflection seemed to bring me closer to the blues, feeling as though I was trying to find a problem with myself, dragging myself down, dwelling on things that I couldn’t change… But, you know what? it actually wasn’t the case at all. My heart pounding through my chest, slowly the feeling became that of relief.  I was discovering what it was that was pulling me away from myself and was able to place it somewhere that I could work with it and deal with it – written onto a piece of paper.

I realised that in neglecting my basic needs and self-love, I was actually creating the blues within myself.  I had been working from home constantly, not leaving for a simple walk or potter in the garden.  I hadn’t had any human being (I have cats, but their English isn’t so good!) to speak to during the day.  I was essentially damaging myself by trapping myself into that world that I had been subjected to during the time that I was housebound and paralysed with anxiety and depression.  I was inadvertently bringing myself down by ignoring myself.

I had an AHA! moment. I needed to make ME a priority every single day to bring playful joy into my life! I remembered the things that make me glow, that make me happy and that make the bubbles flow throughout my body!

And, as such, I would like to share these easy steps that you can take to beat the blues!

1. Get Active

When you start to feel a bit blue or down, get yourself up on your feet, do some star umps, go for a walk outside (whatever the weather), swing your arms around or anything else that you can do to get your heart pumping.

2. Positivity and Gratitude

Think about all the good things that are happening in your life right now. Gratitude can really help to lift your mood as you will realise how much good there is out there.

Start a Gratitude Diary, where you write down three things that you are grateful for or that made you feel good each day e.g. my cat purring on my knee while I work, a really great up of tee made for me by my boyfriend, a lovely walk in the rain.

Keeping a gratitude diary can be a nice and easy way to boost yourself as you an flick through and see all the lovely things that have made your heart sing!

3. Treat Yourself

Be it with a nice bubble bath, a new book or a chocolate bar, give yourself a gift! Remember, you deserve it!

4. Do or Learn Something New

The feeling of learning something new can be a huge boost to how you are feeling and the sense of achievement when you have done it is a great reminder about how totally incredible you are!

5. Make a Feelgood Playlist… and dance, dance, dance!

Collect together all the tunes that make you feel energised, happy and motivated and create a special playlist that you can listen to whenever you feel down.  Music can evoke so much emotion that it is an excellent way to bring yourself back to a better state. Coupled with dancing, you have hit two of my tips!

6. Create a Happy Board

Cut out pictures form magazines, print outs and anywhere else you can think of and stick them onto an A3 piece of card in a collage style.  Only include pictures and words that make you feel happy, joyful, cheerful or that make you laugh.  You can then frame it up and use it to cheer yourself up as a reminder!

7. Write a Silly Note… to yourself!

Grab a pen and paper and write a silly note to yourself. Make it was daft as possible!  Make up special spondabulous words of wonderness!  Make it as crazy as possible and read it back to yourself! You could even pop it into an envelope with your name and address on and post it back to yourself at a later date!

8. Explore the world of Laughter Yoga *WILDCARD*

As a Laughter Yoga Leader, I can recommend that you give it a go – it may be slightly alien at first, but I am sure you’ll get into it! Check out some of the techniques by the founder of Laughter Yoga, Dr Madan Kataria, in one of my favourite videos of him! here. HO HO HA HA HA! :-)

9. Call or Visit a Friend 

Get some personal contact with someone that you now you always have fun with!  A positive friend or relative that can make you laugh, smile and generally be playful and silly. If you can’t meet in person, do a Skype call or video chat so that you can see each other and make eye contact – this will help you to reaffirm your connection with other people.

10. Pay Yourself a Compliment

Look in the mirror and pay yourself a compliment!  ‘Hey gorgeous, looking great today’ then shoot yourself a wink. Try a couple of compliments and reactions, but make sure you see yourself doing it.  Not only will you feel better from the compliments you will probably be laughing at your own reactions!

What do you do to beat the blues?  Don’t let sad moods take over, shoot yourself a wink, get your playful on and bring a friend along for the ride! ;-)

Goal Setting

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Goals are dreams with deadlines

They say that the successful people are goal oriented and the rest are not.  This is a true point and I have discovered this myself.  For a long time, I had been floating along, not really knowing where I was going or even what I wanted – kind of hedonistic lifestyle to put it simply.  The turning point was when I had my fall and injured my knee which triggered anxiety and depression (see my earlier posts about Anxiety and Me) which suddenly made me realise that I needed to work out what I wanted from life and ultimately how I was going to get it.

To begin with, I sat myself down and wrote down all the things that I wanted to be, wanted to do and wanted to have and took time to look through them to check that I really, really, did want those things.

From there I was able to create a bit of an action plan with smaller goals that I could work through to take me closer to my dreams and wishes.  These were the starting points that I was going to work on.

Many of us spend our lives running from the things that we don’t want in our lives; stress, pressure, negative situations etc rather than identifying and aiming for what it is that we DO want.

It is essentially like going to the supermarket with a list of things that you don’t want rather than a list of things that you do want.  Can you imagine how annoying, slow and arduous that experience would be?

Taking time to work out what you want is the first step to setting goals and creating journey goals to get you there.  Your task for today is to work take some time out to start thinking about your ‘wants’ and to stop listening to your ‘do not wants’, writing them down so that we can do some work on them over the coming days.  There is no limit to the timescales that you want these things, at the moment, so think big!! :-)

So get writing under the headings of:

I want to BE

I want to DO

I want to HAVE

If you have trouble identifying your goals or working out how you are going to reach them, it is often useful to get yourself a coach (yes, I have a coach!) to help you to identify your strengths, resources and methods that you can take to move towards your dreams.

Coaching helps you get from one place to another much quicker than if you did it alone…and we are also great cheer leaders!


Find what makes you happy

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Hello my fantastic friends!  I hope this message finds you well and positive!

Find what makes your heart sing

This past weekend has been a Bank Holiday in the UK, were we get an extra day off on a Monday – hence I have been quieter than usual.

It has taken me a long time, but I am now very understanding of what it is that makes me happy and how I want to spend my time.  On Bank Holiday weekends, I use this extra time to spend time with family and friends, in the great outdoors. This is exactly what I did this weekend!  I went to parks, with my gorgeous boyfriend and my borrow dog, Belle – check her out!  She is incredibly beautiful and lovely!

My Borrow Doggy, BelleAnyway, I digress!  (Belle is kind of involved with this post, but I am positive that you will hear more about her in other posts!)

Finding and doing the things that genuinely make us happy can have an outstanding effect on our lives, health, mental and physical well-being – and I don’t mean getting high and things like that, as they don’t really genuinely make us happy…

If you are in a place where you feel stuck in a rut or bogged down by habit, it might feel like you don’t know what makes you happy or even how to find it. Believe me, when I was working, I felt exactly like this.  I would go to work, leave work later, come home sit in front of the TV, eat some food, then go to bed…then do it all again.  Then the weekends would come and I would take a bus into town and aimlessly ‘kill time’ walking around, doing nothing in particular or spending money on things that I most certainly did not need.  It was destructive and didn’t actually make me feel good in any way whatsoever!

So how did I get out of this slump?  Well, for one, I reminded myself of my mindfulness practice which for one thing is something that I very much love and value and that makes me unbelievably happy so that was a great first step! Then thought getting back into my practice I was suddenly and very quickly able to identify even the smallest things that made my whole being smile!  Things like pottering in the garden, planing seeds and spending quality time with my boyfriend.

I identified so many things I felt happy just knowing that there was an abundance of things that I enjoyed.  Do you know what I did next? I went out and started to do the things I enjoyed!  This in turn developed new hobbies and habits that I was able to incorporate into my life and now I have a menu of things that I can do to make myself feel amazingly cheerful and fulfilled.

So what are you waiting for?  Set yourself some you time to meditate, be mindful or reflect on the things that you enjoy and that makes you happy.  Draw a mind map, doodle, look through old photos or Facebook posts? Anything at all that helps you see the golden light that is waiting to return to your life. Note them down and resolve to do them.

Not tomorrow….NOW!