What level is your confidence at?

On a scale of 1-10 (1 being really low and 10 being really high) what level is your confidence at? So often it is our confidence that holds us back from doing so many exciting and fun things in our lives because we just feel like we don’t measure up, don’t have the ability to make it happen or are worried about failing. We are all born with confidence inside us.  When we are children we just go for it

Valentines Day Self Love

Valentines Day Self Love

Today, being Valentine’s day, I thought I would share a video to help you do some Valentines self love and be who you really are! In the video, I share some insights into why self love is great and some actions for you to take today to start exercising those self love muscles! Happy Self-Love Valentine’s Day! Actions for the day: 1. Realise that YOU are amazing! That you are quirky, fun, different and really individual – and that it

The Truth About Confidence (That You Probably Already Knew)

The Truth About Confidence (That You Probably Already Knew)

    Most of us will be able to remember a time when we needed a bit more confidence or even a trace of confidence!  There are times when we feel absolutely great, in our stride and others where we feel flimsy and lacking in the boost of self-belief that can move us forward in the direction we want to be going. Here’s the thing.  Even the most confident of people aren’t as confident as you think they are!  Confidence

You love it when you talk nasty to yourself!

You love it when you talk nasty to yourself!

What’s the point in you wanting to better yourself? You never finish anything anyway. You won’t get that promotion, so don’t bother going tor it, it’ll only waste everyone’s time. You’re not going to be able to earn money doing that, do you seriously think people would pay you? I can’t believe that you think you look good in that.   Would you really say those things to someone?  I would certainly hope that you would not because that would

Feed the Love: A Letter of True Love

    When was the last time that you really showed your self some true unadulterated love?  You can’t remember?  Then you are in the right place to get started with writing yourself a letter of true love! You deserve some self love! Ok, you might be thinking ‘what the heck is she talking about?  Writing a letter to myself? What?!‘ and you might be quite right that it may sound a bit odd and that I am a bit

Be True to Your Real You

No matter how many times people try to change you and no matter how many times you get told to do something different, make sure that you stay honestly true to yourself. Yes, people can often offer useful advice that you take on board and use to make changes in your life, but many times the advice given is someone putting their opinion onto you – these are called ‘should’s where you begin to feel like you ‘should’ be doing

You CAN Change Your Beliefs and Here’s How to Start Doing It

Belief is that complicated thing within us that can lead us positively through life or can be the main factor that sticks us in places that we really don’t want to be. Beliefs are generally ‘an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially without proof’ (to quote the Oxford Dictionary) We develop these beliefs through many ways such as education, teaching, circumstance and more importantly from our own perceptions. A belief can come into being by repeating something often enough

Take a Moment to Feel the Appreciation

We all know how life takes over sometimes, we seem to be constantly busy; to-do lists as long as your arm (at work and at home), people to see, things to do, paperwork to complete, emails to read, all that jazz. And when we get through it, do we get a fanfare?  A marching band? Even a high five? Usually not. It is this lack of appreciation that can often make us feel under appreciated, even taken for granted. All

Celebrate Your Greatness

Hello wonderful friends, Today I feel that it is time that we took stock and actually took the time to appreciate ourselves, in all our amazing individuality and greatness! If we are honest, we don’t appreciate ourselves as much as we should! Take time to care for ourselves and shower ourselves with compliments – we are incredible, wonderful, beautiful, individual, unique people filled with the joy and love we need to be happy! We all have times where our self-confidence