What level is your confidence at?

On a scale of 1-10 (1 being really low and 10 being really high) what level is your confidence at? So often it is our confidence that holds us back from doing so many exciting and fun things in our lives because we just feel like we don’t measure up, don’t have the ability to make it happen or are worried about failing. We are all born with confidence inside us.  When we are children we just go for it

Beliefs that we need to wait…

For some reason we all seem to be brought up to believe that we need to wait for a specific moment or special occasion to wear our best clothes, to use the posh crockery or generally be at our best.  These beliefs that we need to wait really are outdated and in my honest opinion holding us back from SO many things. From my experience, we end up keeping so much stuff because we are waiting for the perfect time