So yeah, I’ve been drawn into a world of procrasti-knitting over the past few days!  I have been getting my work done and of course have all the preparation and designated time for my clients, but I have been drawn to a new knitting project rather than doing some of the tasks that need doing around the house.

Procrasti-knitting, where procrastination gets creative

I have discovered both yesterday and today that there are two sides to procrasti-knitting, one is good and one is not quite so good (until i reflected on it!).  While I am knitting, I find it to be very meditative and relaxing (and a fantastic break from looking at screens all day) which allows me to rest and to notice new ideas that are often clouded by other thoughts of work and deadlines.  The not so good side is that although I have these great ideas, I am eating into the time in which I could be working on them and implementing them.

Of course I write them all down in my trusty notebook, but they then sit there until I get back into gear.

I have to say that even just over a few days, I have been able to reflect and notice quite a lot of things that have fallen away which is now feeding into the way in which I work, which should return me to the balance that I found when I became self-employed.

Here are the things that I have relearned over the past two days of procrasti-knitting:

  1. Time away from the screen is valuable for both keeping ideas flowing and for general mental and eye health.
  2. Blocking out time for regular breaks is important for keeping you going and for helping maintain a good posture (so long as you don’t knit/procrastinate slumped over!)
  3. Although it feels as though I am eating into the time in which I could be working on things, I am actually a lot more productive for having taken time out (like withe mindfulness and meditation)
  4. I feel generally better for doing a different activity and utilising my creative side as well as my logical/analytical side
  5. It gives me time to just be.  To enjoy the sun shining and to be grateful for the things that I have in my life and business
  6. I need that space in my day to create new ideas and to explore thoughts that may be overlooked

How things are going to change…

Before I chopped my finger tip off, I would play my Ukulele for regular bouts throughout the day to break from my computer and to feed my brain with new things.  It was absolutely relaxing as well as fun being able to learn something new and different.  Since I can’t play my Uke at the moment, I found that my work time overtook the leisure time and I was letting my well-being fall to the wayside (we all do it!) and was beginning to feel run down and fed up to be honest.

So from now until I can play y ukulele, I am going to be taking procrasti-knitting breaks to help fuel ideas and to give me a well deserved break.

Do you take enough time to procrastinate? How do you do it to avoid doing something or because you find it more enjoyable for some reason?

The important thing is to notice whether you are procrastinating to avoid something or you are doing it for the gain you get from it.  That’s when you know whether you should do more or less of it!

…I’m off for a knitting break now! 😉


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