You might be thinking from personal experience that things can make you feel stressed, but I am here to share why nothing can MAKE you feel stressed.

Nothing can MAKE you feel stressed

Let me explain.

Stress is an emotion, an internal reaction to something.  It is something that only you can create and only something that you can that you can personally experience.  My stress is different from your stress, your stress is different to the next persons stress and so on.  Nobody experiences stress in the same way becaus eit is personal ad internal and created by you.

So it is created.

Yes.  Our thoughts and thinking create our feelings and our experience of the world around us.  If we think that something is stressful, we will create feelings of stress from the thoughts that we are having.  If, we think that something is relaxing we will create feelings of calm and peace.

And that is why nothing can actually MAKE you feel stressed.

I can’t make you feel stressed.  Situations can’t make you feel stressed either.  It is your response to the situation that creates the feelings of stress.

For example:  When I worked in a small office during the recession, there was a lot of insecurity to the business and in turn our roles because of the number of clients that had gone into administration and the reduction in income for the company.  It was a real state of insecurity as many of us had partners or friends who had recently been made redundant due to the economic climate.  Stress levels were high.

The stress levels weren’t high because of the situation, it was in response to the situation.  Each of us were reacting to the situation and thinking about different aspects which caused us to experience our own versions of stress – including me.

It was when I changed my thinking about the situation from impending doom of losing my job and my income and seeing it as an opportunity for the organisation to explore new things and should I lose my job (which I did, while my other half was job seeking following redundancy too) I saw it as an opportunity to find something better.  My stress diminished and I found it easier to work and concentrate as I was no longer focused on the thoughts and thinking of things that may never happen.

So even when I did lose my job and get redeployed to another role (which I hated and took redundancy instead) I didn’t have the stressful feelings I thought were associated with the organisation and the recession .

I had a choice about how I reacted to the situation.  The situation had no control over me or my thoughts and feelings and hence never actually made me feel stressful.

Think about something that makes you feel stressed.  Notice what you are thinking about when those stressful feelings come.  They are not external factors, they are your response to the situation or person.

Try it and let me know what you discover.  You really can change your response to a situation and reduce your feelings of stress.

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