January can be a bit bi-polar in the way that people will be feeling.  Some will be all motivated and plunging themselves into new adventures and habits (just look through the window of any gym at the moment!) and others will be feeling the January blues after having time off from work and time to relax.

The thing is knowing when to step away for a bit and reassess where you are and where you are heading.  Which is what I plan to do today.

I started back at work on Tuesday following a fantastic Christmas and New Year, but have slipped into a bit of a slump today.  I know that it is due to my thoughts tangling around my cats and their vets appointments and worrying about them being unwell, but it has started to affect my productivity and general ability to concentrate. (you know what it’s like when you have beloved pets or family not well!)

So rather than try to battle through it, I am going to change my plans for the day.  I am going to transfer my to-do list to tomorrow (bar the important things which will get done before I step away) and I am going to do some clearing and decluttering.  I don’t really have too much to do, but I am always aware that there are things that can be removed from the house and from our lives and the benefit it has on your head space once it is done.

It is also a good way to refocus my attention and to give me time with the kitties instead of hunkered down over my desk doing work.

I know that after a bit of a break, I’ll be right as rain again tomorrow (or even later on if all goes well!).  Self care in pivotal to being able to function and knowing when it is time to step away saves you from going into a spiral that takes you into a dark and negative space.

So often when we are feeling a bit low, we have a tendency to dwell on the feeling (and thoughts) and to try to push through it OR we give in, flop out and take to our beds, which inevitably leads to more of the dwelling.  This is why I like to change direction and bring myself out of it when I notice it happening and do something different and productive.

Remember, you can’t control your thoughts as they just happen and are natural, but you can change the things you have control over such as your environment, your personal state and your position in the world.  Don’t give in, step away, recharge and  had back in!

How have you been doing this year so far?  Are you feeling massively motivated or feverishly flat?  How are you showing yourself some self-care?





(taking the time to clear and declutter to save herself from going mad!)


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