You yourself deserve your love and affection as much as anyone in the entire universe!



When was the last time that you really showed your self some true unadulterated love?  You can’t remember?  Then you are in the right place to get started with writing yourself a letter of true love!

You deserve some self love!

Ok, you might be thinking ‘what the heck is she talking about?  Writing a letter to myself? What?!‘ and you might be quite right that it may sound a bit odd and that I am a bit weird to suggest it but trust me and come with the flow

When I was studying for my NLP Practitioner I wrote myself a postcard (not quite a love letter, more a letter to my future self) and posted it.  It contained my aspirations and my intention to build my confidence in walking on stairs (I am not sure I have  written a post about that, but it was a long-term injury that I obtained through falling down steps and had many other incidents containing stairs and bad injuries, so really a HUGE issue for me).

Anyway, I digress…

I wrote myself this postcard to encourage my future self to carry on and to reflect on the journey and achievement I had made in the time that I had written it and when it landed on my mat when arriving through the post.  The best part was that I received some post that wasn’t a bill or junk or marketing – it was special and just for me.

The feeling was great and as I read the text written in my own handwriting, I really believed it.  I was drawn into the information and felt really connected with what it was saying AND I had actually come a long, long, way since writing it.

It was this that gave me the idea of writing letters of true love to yourself – I actually do this regularly when I feel that I need a bit of a boost and need to feed the love within me – everyone gets deficits at sometime or another.

Pen a love letter to yourself

So what I am suggesting today is that you find some lovely paper and a pen that you love to write with (you know the kind that make your handwriting look amazing for some magical reason!) and take yourself aside somewhere wonderful to write yourself a letter of true love!

Remember to address it to yourself and start the way that you meant to go on  including all your best points.  Think of it as writing a letter to the person you love the most, seeing all the great points and not the niggly things that they may point out to others.  You are amazing and individual and you need to spot and detail all those great things in yourself.  If you are feeling creative decorate the letter, spritz it in your favourite scent and cover it in pictures that make you feel wonderful inside.

Be honest, though, as you need to really believe it!  

Once you have completed your love letter sign off and seal it into an envelope with a kiss.  Pop your address on the envelope, stick on a second class stamp and pop it into the post with all the love that you can send it with.

Now you can just get on with whatever you have to do today, play, work, having fun knowing that your self-love is within you and is also winging its way back to you spreading joy on the journey.

Let me know how you get on and post a picture over on Facebook or Twitter for others to see! #FeedTheLove

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