Hello wonderful friends,

Today I feel that it is time that we took stock and actually took the time to appreciate ourselves, in all our amazing individuality and greatness!

If we are honest, we don’t appreciate ourselves as much as we should! Take time to care for ourselves and shower ourselves with compliments – we are incredible, wonderful, beautiful, individual, unique people filled with the joy and love we need to be happy!

There is no one alive that is youer than you quote

We all have times where our self-confidence and self-appreciation feel a little depleted but there are some simple things that we can do to refill our wells of self-love!

One thing that I like to do is to find my funnest, most colourful, most me(!) top and wear it with my favourite jeans and to look into the mirror and say ‘Hey there, beautiful! Looking good there!’ It might feel a bit weird if you are not used to speaking to yourself, let alone in the mirror, but with practice you will actually start to enjoy it.  By speaking your affirmations aloud, you are getting the message into your subconscious where is can become a reality and be much easier to draw on the next time you need a boost.

Once you have it nicely tucked into your subconscious, you can just shoot yourself a wink in a shop window (or anywhere sending you a reflection) when you need a little top up – even doing that can bring some cheeky confidence inside you!

Grab yourself some nice pens and some paper and write down everything that makes you individual, amazing and spectacular! When I say everything, I mean everything!  If you are having trouble (which you shouldn’t as you are INCREDIBLE and GORGEOUS!) you can begin by thinking about the excellent qualities other people say about you and then develop this to be what you love about yourself.  For example, for me, I am weird, I love my paddle shaped thumbs, I have bendy ears, I make people laugh and smile, I look great in rainbow coloured clothes!  There, perhaps you share some of my fantastic qualities?  😉

By noting down all your qualities, you can keep it folded secretly into a book, your bag or wallet. When you feel your supplies of self-love dwindling you can whip out the paper and have a read about the super person that is you! :-)

Being able to appreciate who we are in all that we are is important in making sure that we can have a happy life.  Yes, people might say things to or about you, may stare or make judgement and you know what? It is judgement – THEIR judgement.

I understand that it can be hard not to take things personally, but it is possible to develop in order to not be affected by others’ actions. Another quote that I absolutely love and live by is:

‘Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how I react to it”

Don’t let someone take over that ten percent and draw out your energy! Save your energy for positive thoughts and reactions, for reading your list of qualities and for winking at yourself in the mirror!

I like to think that anyone who stares at me is just jealous of my wonderful personality, dress sense and of course stunning beauty! :-)  In my world, people only see the best qualities in me and others around them! Join me!

Your mantra for today, and everyday, is…

what others think of me is none of my business…unless it is highly complimentary and lovely! 😉

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