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Start your week on a high

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Stop worrying about the things you can't do and start concentrating on the things that you can do

I am sure that some Mondays you just want to pull the duvet further over your head and wait for the weekend to return and others you want to bound from your bed elated for the excitement of another new week!

Whichever you felt today, make sure that you start your week on a high.

Why?  Because there is no better way than to start the way you mean to go on!

I know that a lot of people succeeded in running 10k and doing the Great North Run over the weekend and am I so very impressed by every single person that took part, it is an achievement in itself.  They have had such great strength to push the boundaries and to get through the training to take part and succeed in achieving their goals.

As the quote above says, ‘stop worrying about the things you can’t do and start concentrating on the things that you can do‘, you need to know your strengths in order to be able to move forward.  Honestly, you will discover strengths that you didn’t even know that you had that will benefit you in ways that you could never have imagined!

This is why I think today should be the day that you recognise your strengths – no matter how small or insignificant they may seem, they all add up to make you one amazingly strong person.

Grab some paper and a pen/pencil and start to list all your strengths no matter the size of them. To help you along, here are some of mine to get you going.

  • Positive outlook
  • Research
  • Copy writing
  • Empathic
  • Friendly
  • Open
  • Practical work e.g. DIY

What sorts of strengths do you have on your list?

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How to get out of an emotional slump (without reaching for the junk food)

September 6, 2014 in Uncategorized by Sarah

Emotional slumps don't have to be the dumps

It is true that we all have an emotional slump from time to time where our emotional energy feels depleted and we just feel that we are at the end of everything we can give. I feel like that right now – I am sitting here wanting to be the ray of light that I usually am but instead, I have tears rolling down my face and an inability to get anything done because of the slump I feel that I am in.

The thing is I know that we have to have these slumps as it is our minds way of clearing out and doing a bit of de-junking. It clears us of the things that have been held there that have no space now. I know that I need to let the tears flow and feel the crappy feeling in order to feel the greatness once I have cleansed and am out of the ditch of emotional mud!

So as my way of helping both you and myself, here are some practical things that you can do to get yourself back on track.

So what can you do to get out of that slump?

1. Let it play out

I’m not saying that you give in to it and mope about the house doing absolutely nothing but feeding the slump with additional emotional stuff or adding to it with negative self talk,  I am saying have a cry, feel the feelings and let them release.  They are all part of the cleansing and will give you a great sense of release.

2. Don’t feed the beast

When in an emotional slump you may find that you are at your weakest, emotionally, and that you aren’t as effective at pushing that negative self talk away from your attention.  Let it say whatever it wants but do not listen, it only feeds it and fuels it to make you feel worse.  Instead, be gentle with yourself and offer yourself an internal hug whispering some kind words to yourself that it is only a temporary state and that you’ll be brighter and greater soon.

3. Get active

Although you may not really feel like doing anything active (other than pulling the duvet a little further over your head) you need to do something.  It is prove that physical activity bosts the mood almost instantly and this is why you need to force yourself to do something, anything that gets your heart beating and blood pumping.  And you don’t have to go out in public to do it either – you can have a blitz on the house (which also boosts your mood because you make your home lovely) or go onto YouTube and find a work out video or your favourite tune that you can dance around like a maniac to.

4. Drink plenty of water

It might sound strange telling you to drink water when you are feeling yuck and miserable, but it will also aid in the cleansing and will keep you hydrated for your activity.  You can also be mindful of doing the drinking, noticing the sipping, your mouth and the feeling of the water in your mouth and going down your throat.  This will bring you back to the present and help you to feel more like you again.

5. Go outside

Even if it is just to walk around the block or to sit and have a cup of tea in the fresh air, it will really help you to clear your head.  Just by putting yourself in a different environment will boost your mood.

6. Stay away from the junk food trap

When you are in a slump, you may just want to resort to the chocolate/junk food/take away crap diet, but this will do nothing but actually make you feel worse because of all the processed foods, additives and fat that is included in them (which will also in turn make you feel guilty after your binge and add to the low mood) Instead, reach for some fruit and vegetable and homemade yumminess (you can get some nice recipes over on my other site which will make you feel a whole lot better. Besides, the act of making the food will change your focus off your blah!

7. Get rid of some stuff

The act of clearing in your physical environment actually has a great impact on your mind as you are able to see your way through the clutter and realise that it is just temporary.  Choose 5 things that you no longer need or no longer bring you happiness and make you smile from the inside out and pop them into a bag to take to a charity shop – if that feels good, see if you can find another 5 and so on.

8. Do yourself up

It is easy to slip into uncaring mode when you are in an emotional slump when you wonder what the point is in even getting dressed, let along washing and making an effort but make sure that you do take care of yourself.  It may be difficult but taking time to really pamper yourself while getting ready can cheer you up and make you feel physically better.

9.Write about it

I know that this one works!  Write about how you are feeling, what is going on in your life right now and what you want to get off your mind to make yourself feel lighter.  Then get rid of it – like binning the negative thoughts and feelings.

10. Celebrate

Yes, celebrate.  Celebrate the great things in your life. I know you have them, so remember them and be grateful for them.  Showing yourself some gratitude will bring some cheer into your world like the sun shining through the dark clouds.  Celebrate your sunshine and it will shine through you.


by Sarah

Let’s Energise! Boost your energy by quitting the drains.

September 5, 2014 in Uncategorized by Sarah

Do more of what energises you

Are you feeling a bit lacking on the energy front?  Are you stuck in a rut and feel like there is no way out? How is the light at the end of the tunnel looking for you?

Sometimes we can all get stuck somewhere and realise that whatever it is that is happening or what it is that we are doing is draining our energy resources and making us feel worse.

You know what I mean, right?

I know that there are things that we have to do that we would rather not – laundry, washing-up, cleaning and the rest – but that is part of life.  Although they may drain some energy, they do need to be done and when you feed your energy resources and get energised, you will find that the less enjoyable jobs get done faster, easier and with less drain on you.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep your positive energy levels really high so that you could tackle the mundane and ‘yucky’ jobs with ease and pleasure?

Today I am challenging you to do an exercise to help you to energise!

I have created a little worksheet for you to get working on today and over the weekend – that way you will have more time to do some fun stuff while you are working on it!

Click to download:  Your Happy Life – WORKSHEET – Let’s Energise!

It is a simple exercise that will have you seeing the drains and energisers in your life and help to set you on the path to do more of that you enjoy and less on what you don’t!

What will you add to your weekend and daily life that bring you more joy and energy? Share it with us below…

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Are you normal?

September 4, 2014 in Uncategorized by Sarah

The world can be amazing

Let’s face it, we are all very far from normal, we are all really quite strange, quirky and odd in our own very individual ways (whether we openly admit and show it or not!). So why do we have this preconception about normality?

I know first hand that normal is the dot miles behind me after running past the finishing line – ask any of my friends and they will have a fun anecdotal story of when I did this or that e.g. walking through the whole of Manchester city centre as a wallpaper eating old lady blue beetle driver (seriously, let you imagination go wild on this one!) I am no stranger to people telling me how weird and strange I am and to be honest, every time I get it I feel a bit proud that I am confident to be exactly who I am and that I am embracing my playful side!  I love not being normal!

Anyway, I digress in my reminiscing!

Are you normal?  What exactly does normal mean to you anyway?  Is it something that you strive to be or is it something that you steer clear of?

My thinking on normal is that it is based on expectation for example, it is normal for someone your age to be married with kids or it is normal to have a career after you leave university.  See where I am coming from?  It is these social expectations that create the notion of ‘normality’ which in fact are just that, expectations.

Honestly, can you imagine how dull (and probably stressful!) the world would be if we all had to go to university, leave, get a career whilst finding the love our lives so that we can get married and have kids and continue with the career…. and so on. Wow, it would be horrible, in my honest opinion! Plus, can you imagine the expense of all the wedding and baby gifts you would have to buy all at once!!!

I think that we need to realise (as a whole world) that normal just isn’t something that human, or animals for that matter, do.  We are meant to be different, we are meant to be strange and we are most certainly meant to choose our own paths and to create our very own journey.

The hard part.

The difficult thing is making sure that while we live our weird and cooky lives, we don’t create our own social norms that we want to put onto other people.  Even being eccentric and true to yourself, you might want to create the ‘normal’ in your family for example with your children’s development.  Just because something was right for you, doesn’t mean that it is right for someone else – that is putting the normal onto someone.

What you have to remember is that ‘normal’ is the shoulds in our lives, the expectations of other people having created their own image of the world around them and sometimes without realising it, we grab that normal stick and beat ourselves with it… repeatedly… because we fall into the trap that the normals are something that we actually do want.

Stuff that!

You are your own strange person and what works for you may not work for everyone else.  Understanding that we are all different and great is the best way to set yourself on the right track (mind those ‘normal’ thoughts though!) and allow us all to grow at our own pace and to do the things that we want to – when we want to.

So put down that normal stick, give yourself a break from the beating and embrace being you in all your shiny individualism!

Which ‘normals’ are you going to kick to the curb and stop trying to live up to?

Share below!


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Are you being selfish?

September 3, 2014 in Uncategorized by Sarah


Do you feel selfish when you do something for yourself?  

It is a common complaint that I hear regularly from my clients that they feel selfish (or guilty) when they exercise some self love, so you are not alone with your nodding and agreement.

The dictionary definition describes it as: (of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for other people; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.  

See, I think that this is incorrect when it comes to showing yourself some self love and compassion is that you are not ‘lacking consideration for other people’.

So, are you really being selfish by taking time for yourself?

My reasoning is that if you don’t take care of yourself, then you can’t care for others in the way that would be suiting for you and for them.

I used to feel that if I was to take time for myself rather than helping people or meeting their expectations then I was being selfish and I should concentrate on others instead. I found myself in a spiraling mess when this characteristic and belief came to a head in my last job and I was working to please everyone, to keep the peace and positive vibe whilst also getting on with my work and battling the ‘yes person’ in me that kept taking on my colleagues’ work to keep them happy.

I flopped. 

I felt like utter crap.

I couldn’t help myself, let alone fathom looking out for anyone else.

I was crushed, bruised and broken. (not literally, but inside!)

And this was the wake up call that reminded me about my own self care.  About taking time for myself without the feelings of guilt or of being selfish.

I took some time off!

I gave myself the space to find who I was again and used the time to do nothing. To step away from anything and everything that was making me feel stressed and crushed. I had baths at 12:30 in the day, I meditated, I did yoga, I went out for walks and ate chocolate. I played games all day (namely Plants Vs Zombies) and searched for things on the internet.  I bought myself a new watch and treated myself to flowers.

I did EVERYTHING that would usually make me feel selfish for doing (especially as my boyfriend was slogging away at work) but I really NEEDED it.  I HAD to do it before I imploded through giving all my love and energy away.

What stops you from giving yourself permission to give yourself some care?

It may be that you need to set some boundaries in place in your home, like some you time where your partner looks after the kids or takes the dog out on a long walk.  Or you need to find a space away from home where you can do the things that refresh your energy reserves and clear your mind.

Be honest with the people around you about what you are doing and why you need the space – they certainly can’t accuse you of being selfish when you have a really good reason!  I think you will find that their reactions are suprisingly supportive and they encourage you to take more time for yourself.

Don’t let burnout be your wake up call.  Take time now to plan your personal self love escape time and take action on making it happen. 

What will you do to ensure you have some you time in your life?


by Sarah

It’s Playtime!

September 2, 2014 in Uncategorized by Sarah

Inject some play into every day - Sarah Irving, Your Happy Life

With September here and as many kids go back to school, you will no doubt remember the joys of playtime when you were in school.  That rush of excitement when the bell went and you ran through the corridors to be released into the big wide wonderous world of the playground!  There was nothing quite like it!  Just as though you had been released from prison after a 25 year stretch.

What happened?

Apart from the fact that most work organisations don’t provide structured playtime, what got in the way of you playing?

When I say play, I mean it in this sense:


engage in an activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.

“the children were playing by the pool”

synonyms: amuse oneself, entertain oneself, enjoy oneself, have fun, have a good time, relax, rest, be at leisure, occupy oneself, divert oneself, play games, frolic, frisk, gambol, romp, cavort, caper, 

informal; mess about/around, lark (about/around)

It seems that we feel that when we grow up we need to be serious and to only do things that are productive or benefit our lives and careers.

I remember when I was a child and I would look at my parents, other adults and even 18+year olds and think that they knew everything and that they were really grown up.  I pictured being married with a mortgage and kids by the time I was 22 because that is what happens when you grow up and get serious. I didn’t realise that things are completely different.

At 22 I was at university and still acting very much like a kid, playing and enjoying life (one amazing benefit of doing a creative arts degree, perhaps!) I wasn’t anywhere near the serious adult that I had pictured when I was a child and I was beginning to see that my parents and the adults around me weren’t as serious and ‘grown up‘ as I had previously conceived. I also realised that I could play and do the adult type things like pay bills, go to work and complete my degree work!

Now at 32 I am still enjoying play – probably a lot more that I should at times – and realising that it doesn’t have to be something that you force on yourself or that you need to hide from other people. It is completely natural to play as an adult and has positive impact both on your health and your relationships.  My inhibitions disappeared years ago, so my play practice is in full swing and I don’t mind who sees it! Many of my friends find my hilarious when I gallop round singing the theme tune to ‘Black Beauty’ whenever I get the opportunity (shopping centres, fields, towns, villages… anywhere really!)

When was the last time you were able to let go of your inhibitions and be truly in the moment of play?

To be able to enjoy play, you need to rid yourself of the preconceptions that it is silly or that it is unproductive or that other people will judge you for wasting time on frivolous activity.

It doesn’t matter what people think of you – it is none of your business anyway!

If you are a long way outside of play, you might want to take it easy and start small.  You could break into a skip when doing your weekly shopping in the supermarket or sing aloud on the bus on your way to work in the morning.  You could ask your friends to play tick with you in the car park outside your office, just roll down a hill in the local park or something as simple as taking to your cat or dog. Start with something that stretches you out of your comfort zone AND makes you smile.

I regularly have conversations with my cats and borrow dog!  They are a great sounding board for new blog posts and (with six cats) I am guaranteed a response, which I love as it elicits more chats and often goes something like this:

Willow: “Mroooowww” (from upstairs)

Me: “Herroooow” (in the lounge, peering around the door)

Willow: “Mroooowww!” (from upstairs)

Me: “I’m not coming upstairs so you will just have to come down and tell me here”

Willow running downstairs “Mew, mroooww, meiow!”

Me: “Really, now? I don’t think Tibby would have said that…”, “are you sure about that? Where is he now?”

Willow: “Meoww”

Me: “shall we go and ask him about this then?”  (off we go together to find Tibby to ask him)

Yeah, OK, I am a bit mad!  But you get the idea, it is a case of being playful and using your imagination to allow you to do something with no particular purpose or practical reason just for pure enjoyment and fun.

You need to give yourself permission to play every single day and to experiment with new things and different types of play. Taking time out from your regular schedule of work and responsibilities and making space for being silly or daft or just to be childlike and entertain yourself.

There is no time like the present IT’S PLAYTIME! so make time today to be playful! 

Share your pictures of play and your experiences!

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New Month, New Week, New Day, New You?

September 1, 2014 in Uncategorized by Sarah

New Month - September

New month, new week, new day, new you?

…and new year if you think of it in school terms.

It is September and the start of the run up to Autumn. What a great time to think about making some changes in your life and changing the direction you are travelling.  I know that September is a fantastic time for change as it is the month that I started my last job and the month that I left it.  September is in just the right part of the year so that you make some shifts in your life and be prepared for the winter months and dare I say it… Christmas! (AGHHH!)

As the seasons change, so do we.

If, like me, you find that the downtime in August gives you time to think and assess your life and the direction you are travelling on your journey which creates space for looking for things that you really want to do.  It is a place for reflection and preparation for change, drive and a boost in energy.

As the winter months draw in, we might find it harder to keep with resolutions to get out and about in the fresh air because of the weather and cold conditions. But if we prepare early, we will be in the habit before the rain, wind and cold kicks in.

As you will know I am challenging myself to go for at least one walk every day to keep me getting out of the house (as I work from home) and to keep me active.  There is always the niggly feeling when I see it pouring with rain and consider running up and down the stairs instead, but push myself to get out there and enjoy every single drop of water that lands on me! It can be hard when the conditions aren’t perfect but you just need to see it for what it is and go for it anyway.

With the new month upon you, I want you to think about what changes you would like to make in your life.

What habit would you like to build and set in place before the winter months and dark nights draw in?

What would you like to achieve before the end of 2014 that if you started now would be in place before the new year begins?

I am working with my own coach to create some organisation in my home – kind of like preparing my nest ready for winter.  Since leaving my routine salaried role in work, things have started to slip and my routines for keeping up with jobs around the house and keeping things in order have fallen to the wayside and my goal is to get back on track.

What am I doing to achieve this?

To keep both me and my boyfriend on track, I used to have a cleaning and clearing schedule that we would work to. Yes, it might sound a bit anal, but I am an ex-office manager so I have some very strong organisational skills and needs… if you know what I mean?!  This allowed us to see what needed to be done on which day and meant that no single day was jammed with cleaning or chores that needed to be done which in turn meant that we actually had a lot more free time to do the things that we enjoyed.

So, I am planning on getting the things in the house back on track and creating a new plan.  One that fits with our lives now.  I am putting things back into their places and even though I have already done a de-clutter I am able to get rid of even more things now that I am creating the life that I want and enjoy.  The things that I once thought were important additions to our home are in fact just things that are holding me to the past (there is another blog post on the way about this!)

As part of this process I am able to see the things in my home for what they are and to be able to identify what needs to be finished/started and where I can make our home just right for us. Including making a list of jobs that I need to do… tiling, painting and other DIY jobs! (which I absolutely LOVE, by the way, so will be like a reward at the end of the process!)

If sorting your “nest” is something that you are thinking might be something that could be your direction for September, let me know and we can share our hints, tips and advice!  It’s great to share!

What will you be doing this month that will prepare you for the cooler months?


by Sarah

Taking a Break to Recharge

August 28, 2014 in Uncategorized by Sarah


Holiday snap



Finding time for yourself to enjoy some time away from the routine and challenges of everyday life can have the biggest and bestest affect on your life and your outlook!

You may have noticed that the blog, Facebook and Twitter feeds were a little stagnant over the past week or so and wondered where’s Sarah gone? Well, some of you did and thank you to those who emailed to ask if I was OK!

We went camping!

The thing is, I went on holiday and didn’t schedule any posts to go out while I was away.  Not because I didn’t have time or that I thought you didn’t need them, just that I needed to give myself some space to clear my head, take a well needed break and refresh myself. It was really quite liberating and has given me the drive to get more out there for you – things t help you, things to get you thinking and things that will get you excited and motivated! (and the best bit was that I didn’t even feel guilty for not leaving anything going on!)

twitterlogoLike restarting your computer when the programmes run slower, YOU need to turn off and turn on again when you need to refresh.

My boyfriend and I took a trip up to Scotland on the coast of the Solway Firth on the South West coast to enjoy some camping, walking and delicious fresh air.  We most certainly got the fresh air when we arrived and were setting up our tent in 27 miles per hour unsheltered coastal winds!  But you know what? We now know that we can do it and in only 2 hours! ;-)

In the past we have been extremely guilty of burning ourselves out and then being forced to take time off only to end up ill and run down for the actual trip – I can tell you that being ill when you are on holiday is awful as you end up pushing through and not giving yourself time to heal and mend!  So now that we have learnt our lessons (ahem, after about 4 times of trying) we now make time for going away and having ‘Lazy Days’ where we plan to do nothing on a Sunday and schedule it into our dairies.  We even stick to them! SHOCKER!

Do you make sure that you take some time for yourself to get away from the daily stresses and strains?  What could you do in addition to the things you already do?

Experience something new

No matter what your situation or budget, you need to make sure that you take some time away from the daily grind of life by stepping off the roller coaster and seeing something new and different.  Just the experience of seeing or doing something different can have create a vast improvement in your mood, outlook and perspective.

We were able to stretch our budget to be able to go camping (which is super affordable and really gets you back to the earth and fresh air… although you can take an airbed, power and comfort if you don’t want to be sleeping on the floor!) and means that you can explore other parts of the country and surrounding areas. Also, we were amazingly lucky to find that to add a bit of luxury to our trip we could get affordable access to the private onsite spa facilities!*

holiday spa

Were we were located, we were right on the coast which provided us with a stunning view and also the perfect place to walk and enjoy the fresh air. There were also loads of animals for me to pet and feed (I am a crazy animal lover and can’t really go very long between petting animals – my other half even joked about testing me to see how long I could go without touching an animal! Not very long, I can honestly say… even if the head Llama spits at me – oh that’s another story and there are pictures to go along too!!)

If your budget is tighter, you can take a holiday at home.  No I am not being silly, I have had many a holiday at home and “staycation”.  It might sound like you will be doing the same things as you normally would, but you won’t.

A holiday at home doesn’t have to be boring, you just need to do something different.

One of the best things for me about any holiday I take is turning off my social media and emails and leaving my phone on ‘Do not disturb’ as I can really step away from my daily life, which evolves mainly around internet and contact.  To holiday at home, you can start simply by turning off your social networks and letting people know that you are having some time away from the crazy world – so that they don’t ring you or start to fret that you aren’t as active on Facebook/Twitter as usual.

Then you can plan your adventures!  Get up earlier…or later.  Go for a walk around the area where you live and notice the things around you, take different routes and aim to walk down streets that you have never visited.  Be a tourist in your own city or town, see the touristy things and take pictures as though you were somewhere new. I do this one regularly and I learn something new each and every time.

Treat yourself to some time where you do nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Sit and relax, think, do the things that you ‘don’t have time for’ in your regular life.

See, it really is as simple as taking some time out.  Removing yourself from the distractions of life and learning to see and do things in a different way.

Holiday beach

Here are some tips for your holiday at home or mini retreat

1. Turn off your social media

By taking a break from your social media you will clear your head of all the things that other people are doing and be able to concentrate on yourself.  I promise that you are not going to miss the biggest piece of news and to be honest, does it matter anyway?  If like me, you want to be completely out of the stream, don’t turn on the TV or radio either!  Instead, listen to your own favourite music without the intermissions of bad news and information or adverts!

2. Do something different

Go for a walk somewhere you have never been before, be a tourist in your own town or city, exploring the buildings, streets and places of interest – look up and take photos to create your holiday album!

3. Make time for yourself

Do things that you don’t have time for when you are doing your daily routine like reading, sitting under a tree in the park, people watching or just simply doing nothing….without feeling guilty!

5. Get some rest

Relax and gets some sleep – it might sound simple and possibly a bit boring for a holiday, but getting lots of rest will really rejuvenate you and restart your system.  On our camping trip, we were in bed by 10:30 every night without fail!


Remember, it is not where you are, it is what you make of it that really matters!


What will you do for your holiday?  What tips do you have for others taking a mini break on a budget or at hone?  

Share in the comments below…

*We don’t have a spa facility at home so to make the most of it in our modest little way, we fill up washing up bowls with lovely water and your choice of essential or bubble bath and sit back and relax.  It may not be a hot tub, but it certainly creates the same relaxing effect! (:


by Sarah

Fed up of Pity Parties? Try Self Celebration!

August 15, 2014 in Uncategorized by Sarah

Want to find the love of your life Look in the Mirror - Byron Katie


I am sure you will have had your fair share of ‘Pity Parties‘ throughout your life either your own or those of others and know that they are far, far, from the expectations of a good party.  In fact, they are absolutely crap and boring!

Are you fed up of pity parties?

For some reason people seem to find it very easy to fall into the pity party mode and mope about and feel sorry for themselves – you know what I mean? – and much more difficult to throw a self celebration instead.  Is it because self celebration is like being big headed, saying ‘ooh, look how great I am!’ and that makes us feel uncomfortable?

To be honest, I love bigging myself up!  I really do think that I make great achievements every single day and I love to pat myself on the back, give myself a treat and say ‘WooHoo! I am who I am and I am brilliant!‘ (honestly, with practise you will find that it gets easier and easier to honestly shout about how great you are!)

How would you feel about doing bigging yourself up?

It is Friday today and the perfect opportunity to look back on the week and see how far you have come.  What was great about it?  What did you achieve that was remarkable?  Have you done something that you didn’t realise that you could do? There are guaranteed to be things that you can celebrate from your week so note them on paper, your phone or keep them in your mind.

Prepare for your self celebration.  It can be alone or you could invite some friends to join you in throwing their own self celebrations with you.  Share this post with them so that I look like the crazy one ;-) and they will see the reason behind it.

By celebrating your successes, you will feed into the good feelings inside you and help to build a strong resilient side that you may not have realised that you had.  By being kind to yourself and recognising the things that you are really good at you are compounding the knowledge that you CAN do things and do them well too.

You will know that I mention this a lot, but it is entirely true,

What you feed grows, what you starve dies!

So venture out into the world of celebrating you and feed the good feelings inside!

Let me know how you get on, take some pictures to share or comment with your achievements and we can celebrate together.

YOU ROCK!! #SelfCelebrate

by Sarah

Feed the Love: A Letter of True Love

August 14, 2014 in Uncategorized by Sarah

You yourself deserve your love and affection as much as anyone in the entire universe!



When was the last time that you really showed your self some true unadulterated love?  You can’t remember?  Then you are in the right place to get started with writing yourself a letter of true love!

You deserve some self love!

Ok, you might be thinking ‘what the heck is she talking about?  Writing a letter to myself? What?!‘ and you might be quite right that it may sound a bit odd and that I am a bit weird to suggest it but trust me and come with the flow

When I was studying for my NLP Practitioner I wrote myself a postcard (not quite a love letter, more a letter to my future self) and posted it.  It contained my aspirations and my intention to build my confidence in walking on stairs (I am not sure I have  written a post about that, but it was a long-term injury that I obtained through falling down steps and had many other incidents containing stairs and bad injuries, so really a HUGE issue for me).

Anyway, I digress…

I wrote myself this postcard to encourage my future self to carry on and to reflect on the journey and achievement I had made in the time that I had written it and when it landed on my mat when arriving through the post.  The best part was that I received some post that wasn’t a bill or junk or marketing – it was special and just for me.

The feeling was great and as I read the text written in my own handwriting, I really believed it.  I was drawn into the information and felt really connected with what it was saying AND I had actually come a long, long, way since writing it.

It was this that gave me the idea of writing letters of true love to yourself – I actually do this regularly when I feel that I need a bit of a boost and need to feed the love within me – everyone gets deficits at sometime or another.

Pen a love letter to yourself

So what I am suggesting today is that you find some lovely paper and a pen that you love to write with (you know the kind that make your handwriting look amazing for some magical reason!) and take yourself aside somewhere wonderful to write yourself a letter of true love!

Remember to address it to yourself and start the way that you meant to go on  including all your best points.  Think of it as writing a letter to the person you love the most, seeing all the great points and not the niggly things that they may point out to others.  You are amazing and individual and you need to spot and detail all those great things in yourself.  If you are feeling creative decorate the letter, spritz it in your favourite scent and cover it in pictures that make you feel wonderful inside.

Be honest, though, as you need to really believe it!  

Once you have completed your love letter sign off and seal it into an envelope with a kiss.  Pop your address on the envelope, stick on a second class stamp and pop it into the post with all the love that you can send it with.

Now you can just get on with whatever you have to do today, play, work, having fun knowing that your self-love is within you and is also winging its way back to you spreading joy on the journey.

Let me know how you get on and post a picture over on Facebook or Twitter for others to see! #FeedTheLove