Stand tall, stand proud, stand strong and be true to who you really are

No matter how many times people try to change you and no matter how many times you get told to do something different, make sure that you stay honestly true to yourself.

Yes, people can often offer useful advice that you take on board and use to make changes in your life, but many times the advice given is someone putting their opinion onto you – these are called ‘should’s where you begin to feel like you ‘should’ be doing this by now or you ‘should’ have these things by now. “Should”s are essentially other people putting their values and beliefs onto you, rather than you deciding what you are doing or will be doing are having or will be having.

Change happens from within and you need to be completely invested to actually make the change. Staying true to yourself and your values is the best way to do it.  When it feels right for you, then it is what you will do.

I understand that it can be hard sometimes as you want to please other people or to gain approval for the things that you choose to do. But taking things into your own hands, doing everything that is right for you will, in itself, bring approval when the people around you see how happy, successful and driven you are.

Try it today. Feel the great in yourself, have the confidence to do whatever it is that you want to, show the world just how incredible you are and how in control you are. (even if you don’t feel that way right now, pretend – it will become real as you practise!)

Let go of the should and get going with the will. What will you do to make yourself happy and fulfilled?

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