Self-help and personal growth and development doesn’t have to be serious, life is about enjoying, experiencing and exploring.

If you are ready to cut loose from the rubbish that is holding you back and give yourself the greatest present of taking back control of your own life and start to strive not survive, then now is the perfect time to start.

This is your time to really take the reins, get back on track and be confident with your choice to enjoy every single day (no matter what it brings)

I’m Sarah, the grinning blonde Positive Life Coach, and if you’re looking to have some creative fun and a giggle while crafting your new journey, you’re in the right place. If you’re whoop ready to have a chat, click below (there’s no sales pitch, I promise!)

Whoop! Im ready!

You may have had something snap inside you that made you realise that there is more to life than you are currently living and you are absolutely fed up of being where you are.  Things need to change, pronto!

Sarah Irving | Your Happy Life | Life Coaching | Manchester

Right now, you are probably:

  • Working in a job that is making you miserable just so that you can pay the bills
  • Feeling as though you are being taken advantage of
  • Feeling as though your confidence and self-worth have taken a bashing
  • People pleasing and then struggling to find balance between helping and supporting everyone and meeting your own needs
  • Spending too much of your time wishing things were better, but actually not doing anything about it
  • Waiting for the day where you feel more in control of the things that happen in your life and having a better balance
  • Wanting to use your creative talents in a way that you enjoy and make money from
  • Finding that time seems to vanish without a trace
  • You want to feel passionate about life again and actually just be able to feel great in the morning again!

If you have nodded to even one of those then you are definitely in the right place!

What you really want in life is;

  • To be able to get up with bounce and gusto each morning
  • No longer have feelings of anxiety and depression that hold you in the black hole
  • Enjoy what you do to earn money, being creative and supportive
  • To rid yourself of over thinking and procrastination so in order to live your life rather than vacation up in your head
  • To find the right balance to allow you to continue helping people while making sure that your own needs and wants are met (without feelings of guilt!)
  • You want to take back the power, rebuild your confidence and stop worrying about what other people are thinking – so you can be true individual self!
  • Working with your thoughts rather than letting them control you
  • To strive rather than just survive

If that sounds like the kind of thing you are looking for then working with me could be just the thing you need to help you to step out and move forwards on your journey.  Click here to find out more about how we can work together.


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Why NOW is the time to start making changes

  • Your current situation is only going to drive you deeper and deeper down, making it more and more difficult to escape
  • Because there really is so much more out there for you
  • You really can rediscover your happiness (it has always been there!)
  • It is not selfish to work on yourself and to meet your needs – in fact, it is SO VERY IMPORTANT
  • You have the right to be able to control your own life and create your own map that is just right for you
  • Because with every step you take you will notice vast changes in every area of your life (people will notice that you have changed…in a good way!)

Contact me to arrange an informal chat (no sales pitches involved!)

Find out more about how we can work together


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You know what?  I’ve been there!

Not just once, but three times!  Yes, it took me longer than you to realise that there is something out there (oh and I didn’t have a coach to help me through it)

There was a time in my life when I was working all the hours that were available for very little pay, even less appreciation and for was being bullied all at the same time.  It was awful and affected every single part of my life.  I was a shell of my former self with bruised and battered confidence and self-esteem, I felt trapped and as though there was no way out (this is actually true for the last two situations)

A lifelong ‘yes’ person and people pleaser, I had fallen into the trap where I was helping everyone but myself and began feeling resentful over the expectations people had over me and every turn seemed to take me to a dead-end.

I wasn’t really living my life, I was just surviving and plodding through each day as it came, dreading the next and wishing for something better to come along.

That was then I snapped.  Not literally, but in the way when I realised that I was no longer going to live this way.  I was angry that I had managed to get myself into such a situation, but I knew that I could turn things around and make the life that I wanted.  So I did. I took back control of my life.

I am now running my own coaching business, helping people like you to free yourself from the crap that is holding you back, enjoying every day again with the passion it deserves.

I grabbed life by the balls and you can too – and what’s more, it is NEVER too late to do it! I promise you!

I now #strivenotsurvive

Contact me today to have an informal chat to find out more about how I can help you to get out of that rut.

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If you’re not up for a laugh, then life coaching with me is not for you!

There are so many coaches out there that are rather stuffy or formal (I’ve been to a few myself!) and that is the exact opposite of how I work.  If you want laughter, fun, creativity and enjoyment then my style is your style.  Everything I do is highly personalised and tailor-made just for you (no one size fits all approach in my work) and includes fun homework, challenges, resources and more.  I’ll even follow-up with you via Facebook, text or twitter.

What’s more, I enjoy keeping things flowing and flexible to best work for you – I know life can be busy and I know that coaching needs to fit in there too.  Whether we are catching up over Facebook or you are Tweeting your achievements, I will be there for you to cheer you on.  We can also have our sessions over a cocktail, a delicious lunch or walking through the countryside if that is what suits you best. (I even have a package especially created for coaching in the great outdoors, check it out!)

PLUS I can guarantee that you will never leave a session unhappy – no matter what!

To find out whether we are a good fit, give me a shout to arrange a chat – totally informal and I know you’ll get some giggles from it too!


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…and if you’re here to know about me, as well me, then here’s a sneak peek…

I am a Northern lass, a happy, eco-friendly cat loving artist with a passion for the surreal.  I live in Manchester with my wonderful boyfriend and six amazing meowy people (cats to everyone else… and yes,

Sarah Irving | Your Happy Life | Life Coaching | Manchester I am aware of the term crazy cat lady and I’m cool with it). I spend a lot of time in the great outdoors (as I believe it is VERY beneficial to human well-being) and love looking after my many borrow dogs!

I have long dreamed about starting my own company where I would be able to help people to feel more positive and happy in their lives and to achieve their dreams.  So I took my own advice, quit the job that was making me miserable and the rest, as they say is history.

I love cooking and eating great vegetarian and vegan food, travelling to new places, learning anything that I possibly can, laughing, my friends and family and carrying out research (odd, I know!) You will learn in some of my ‘Getting to know me’ posts that I can be slightly strange (or very weird as most of my friends say) but it is all part of my playful approach to life that keeps me on the positive wave!

I am still on my own journey too, as you will learn from my blog posts and personal growth is a never-ending adventure – so let’s travel together and build our fantastic lives!

Let’s strive not survive in this wonderful life that we have!


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