Nobody discovers and explores self-help, personal development or self-improvement when they are in a great place.  It comes into our attention when things aren’t going to plan, life changes or we feel that we need to do something to ourselves (or our world) to make it more enjoyable.

Sarah Irving | Transformative Coach, Trainer and Speaker

I started my journey of personal development back in 2002 following a fall that injured my knee and subsequently changed my life drastically.  Along with the pain from the injury, I experienced anxiety, depression, became agoraphobic and would self harm from frustration and anger.

Delving into self-help, personal development, techniques and practices, I started to change my life.

Or so I thought.

My experience with personal development has been a valuable one.  I still dip into my library of books from time to time and can certainly identify times where the practices have helped to reshape my direction and experience.

I have been successful in my work, relationships and choices often thanks to the activities, training and practices that I have been involved with.  I have even trained in Mindfulness, as an Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner, Coach and Mentor in my journey of developing my skills and knowledge.

It is all well and good collecting techniques and things that you need to practice in order to change the way you feel. But in the age of information overload, busy lives and lack of time, these techniques often get added to the to-do list or filed into the ‘I should do this’ part of your brain.  I know that I have found it challenging in the past to make sure that I meditated every day, wrote in a gratitude journal every day and still manage to do everything else I need to do to – and the guilt that can came with not doing it! Sheesh!

Jump forward to 2013. I left my job in the environmental charity sector after a particularly stressful time and embarked on a year of finding new things (including learning multi-skill construction and then training to teach it too, coaching and refreshing my NLP, as well as increased travelling)  I came across the Principles and suddenly felt a shift in my perspective on life.

It was like someone had highlighted the most important part of the book!

Without even realising it, I had been using the understanding of the Three Principles for years without knowing, but polluting them with my drive to learn more, get more techniques and do more. I have since been striving to gain an increase in this understanding and have integrated it into my coaching work.  It was the innate understanding from within me – that surfaced during my personal development dabbling – that helped me to overcome my debilitating mental problems and regain my mental health. It even contributed to me coming off the crutch that I had walked on for over ten years!

This new understanding brings clarity, creativity, resilience and a quality of mind that makes life easy.  

In my coaching, training and speaking, I share my experience of personal development, my journey into the Three Principles and help support you to find your innate sense of mental health, well-being and balance too.

If you’re interesting in working with me, please contact me.

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 I offer coaching that is designed to help you see things from a new perspective in order to transform your life. Sessions are carried out by telephone or Skype or in person face-to-face.  If you’re ready to take the next step to find out more about how we can work together, please us the contact form to get in touch with me.

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