Celebrate Your Greatness

Hello wonderful friends, Today I feel that it is time that we took stock and actually took the time to appreciate ourselves, in all our amazing individuality and greatness! If we are honest, we don’t appreciate ourselves as much as we should! Take time to care for ourselves and shower ourselves with compliments – we are incredible, wonderful, beautiful, individual, unique people filled with the joy and love we need to be happy! We all have times where our self-confidence

New Week Resolutions

Hello friends! I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend and are fresh and positive about the week ahead! What is it that you really, really, want?  Taking the time to work out all the things that you want in life can be the most incredibly empowering exercise that you can carry out for yourself.  It usually creates a sudden urge to make changes and create actions to make steps towards your goal! As the quote above says, if

Holding Grudges

Happy Saturday my beautiful friends!  I hope you have a fabulous day and have time to spring clean your mind a bit! Take the time to forgive those who have made you feel bad or that you have made to deel bad – this holds just as much pain! The only one to hurt in these situations is you!  The person with who you hold a grudge is living a blissfully unaware one! Don’t let others control YOUR thoughts, feelings

Happy Friday!

Hello my dear friends, Wow, what an exciting week I have had, it has been such an incredible start to my adventure with Your Happy Life and I have been absolutely overwhelmed with the love and support that has been shown to me! It is totally amazing how we can connect around the world and share such similar stories, loves, aspirations and dreams! Thank goodness for the internet, that’s what I say! I have so much more to share with

Sharing the Happy

“What the heck is she going to share with us now!” you might be asking yourselves having seen the picture below! 😉 Now that we have thought about starting the day on a positive, happy, note how can we keep that going and what can we do to spread it to everyone around us? I am a little (others would say A LOT!!!!) crazy and I love speaking to anyone and everyone sending out smiles as often as I possibly

Morning Time

Good Morning, lovely friends! (wherever you may be around the world!) Over on Facebook I shared this picture… …and was thinking about how true it is! It is all too easy to wake in the morning and to think about all the things you have to do in that day, remember any things that you forgot to do yesterday or to think ‘ugh, I really don’t want to go to work today!’ and you know what? These thoughts and feelings

Creating your own Happiness

Hello dear friends! I hope today is treating you well and you are taking time to be mindful and enjoy what you are doing and what is happening around you – taking time to smell he roses as they say! Today I am musing about how happiness comes from within. We cannot be happy unless we wholeheartedly feel and believe it from the inside out. I was wondering that makes YOU happy? I am presently working on some workbooks and

Your Happy Life is now on Twitter and Facebook!

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