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If you’re ready to make some changes in your life. want to take action now but aren’t quite sure how to go about it, then here is the right place and the right time for you.


The Happy Life Project Ad

I am currently working on my Project Me programme to help you to make the changes that you need to live the life that you love.  As such, with it being in the design stages, I am offering the mini pilot programme for FREE beginning on the 5th January.

The project is a great way to ground yourself and find out where you want to be while identifying your goals and dreams.  There are workbooks for you to work on by yourself, a community of like minded people taking similar journeys and group coaching sessions held online.

To be a part of the pilot project, sign up now!



This programme is in addition to my other coaching, NLP practice, Mindfulness and Laughter Yoga, but each is featured within the programme so it gives you a fantastic opportunity to get to know me and to experience the services that I offer.  This is the only time that Project Me will be available free of charge so grab your chance now.


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