Rediscover peace and calm through Modern Mindfulness (with wine and chocolate)

Don't go into Christmas time feeling stressed, overwhelmed and under pressure. join me in Manchester on Wednesday 9th December for Modern Mindfulness with Wine and Chocolate for an evening workshop to help you get your balance back while keeping the things that you love (that includes wine and chocolate!) Tickets are on sale now for £25 for the two hour workshop Places are limited so buy now to avoid disappointment!

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If you have reached the point in your life when you know that NOW is the time to concentrate on what you really want rather than living for someone else, then you are in the right place. Life is full of ups and downs and that is part of the ride, but when the time comes to take control and to build the life that you want, you want support and help to keep you on the right track. You are


Laughter Yoga and Play

Laughter really is the best medicine and can actually change your life! making laughing infectious – everywhere! I bet you love seeing a child laughing for absolutely no reason.  That care-free laugh and giggle that seems to make the world feel like such a wonderful place. It is true that as we get to adulthood we no longer laugh in the way in which we did when we were younger.  It is not that we don’t want to but more


Project Me

Project Me is a work in progress with a free pilot version being released into the world at the beginning of January 2015. I would love for you to take part in the pilot version so that you can build a great basis for change and development in your life and you can also help me to tailor it for your individual needs through your feedback and participation. To be a part of the pilot programme, please click below and